created by @jctwood for moth jam using bitsy

left/right arrow to turn, up/down to move

Development log


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Stuff like this is what makes me recover my faith in humanity at least for a bit. So imaginative and original!

Woah! Really creative use of bitsy. It's a standout piece. Great work!

Thank you!

Neat Idea, I found it to be very disorienting and confusing though.

It is definitely both of those things. thank you for playing though! 

That's pretty awesome! Super curious how you pulled that off.

Thanks! I go into some detail in the devlog for the game https://jctwood.itch.io/thirdcrypt/devlog/6207/basic-first-person-navigation-in-...


Really genius!

thanks ben!


This is a fantastic innovation.  Bravo!


Thank you WJ! Really fun to work on, hoping to do more weird bitsy stuff soon. 


This is RAD! I love the approach you took to navigation. It feels like you used the capabilities of Bitsy really well.

Thank you Olive! It was so fun using it in an unconventional way and I can't wait to find other weird styles of game with Bitsy.