A downloadable game

created by thomas and james for Fuse jam 3 with the object shoelace

Two players tie a shoelace to the nose bridge of their glasses. Suspended from the shoelace is a magnet which moves freely along the length of the shoelace. Players then explore the world of blocks and pins collecting metal and returning it to the golden plate for pin points. Knocking over a block marked with Stack 'Em will offset the metal collected by -5 and paperclips will reward +5 and puzzles can be solved to reveal hidden bonuses. You can explore freely or limit yourself to 5 deposits (normal difficulty) or 3 deposits (metal difficulty).

Begin each journey by repeating 'magnetic, magnetic, bring back that metal'in unison. 

The high score is 32 with a total of around 100 points available. 

If you create a magnetic world please share pictures of your worlds!

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