A downloadable arcade

WASD to move, Click to interact, Scroll to zoom.

created by @helloimtw and @jctwood for #wizardjam and #emojiam


AThousandDormantMachines.zip 69 MB


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I got this error when I tried to run it: 

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Thank you for letting us know. I unfortunately cannot give you a solution to the error just now but will be sure to if we discover it.  Thank you for showing interest in the game, hopefully we can fix it soon.  Meanwhile if you could send your specs through that would help greatly! 

This is from the computer properties window:

Hmm your setup is very similar to mine. Having researched the issue a little it seems I will need to repackage the project unfortunately. I'll comment here when I get around to that but it may not happen until after we have updated the game a little. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for being so cooperative. 

I know it's been almost 200 days,  but I remembered this and played it again. Very trippy and very cool. Nice job my friend