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Your pdxinfo file is missing a bunch of fields. Please update with required fields for this game to work. 

Hi Brawl96, I just uploaded a new version of the that has the correct bundle info, thank you for mentioning it!

Thanks for the update, I think you'll need to add a build number to the pdxinfo as well if you want to be able to update on top of this new version in the future.

Thanks gohod, i will be sure to do that!

This game makes incredible use of the PlayDate crank; it is zenlike and relaxing, while also being challenging when you least expect it!   It is a top 10 sideload PlayDate game for all PlayDate owners to own IMO!!

Thank you LinkinCrankin! I have updated the playdate version now if you want to check it out :)


I tried installing through the sideload function on playdate's site, but I got an error message saying "The bundleID field is missing from pdxinfo."


Hmm okay I will have a look into that soon, thank you for the information!


Hi Doctor Popular, I finally got around to taking a look at the issue and it should be fixed now :)

works well on playdate :)



Is there a download for the Playdate? I feel like this could get very addictive


Hi! I just uploaded a version for playdate so let me know if you try it out and have any thoughts!! Thanks so much for playing, sorry for the slow reply.

Oh!  My main critique was going to be that the mouse crank can get tricky when your mouse goes outside the bounds of the game window, but now that I know it's supposed to be for the Playdate, that's really a non-issue!  This would be so cool to play with the crank.

Thank you!!

<3 2d!


i am <3ing <3 2d!